Who We Are

Alexander Kominek Productions is a team of dedicated creative professionals. We specialize in producing high quality communications and visuals through film, photography and graphic design. We can put together quick content for small projects, or work to produce full scale campaigns with many moving parts. Our aim is to bring your ideas and vision to life, and to leave you with the creative content that you need to impress your clients and stakeholders, and to create success in your business.


All videos start with capturing actions with a camera. These videos were shot completely, or in part by Alexander Kominek Productions.


Typography is an important part of any video, from choosing the right font to animating the words on screen.

Short Films

Short narrative pieces, scripted and shot with actors, with an emphasis on telling a story.


Live performances of musicians, dancers, or artists.

Music Videos

Videos with a heavy emphasis on music. The cuts are usually synchronized to the beats of a song.

Motion Graphics

Animations that primarily include two-dimensional graphics and text.

Live Events

Shooting at live events can be tricky – there is usually only one chance to capture action as it happens.


Projects that feature interview-style footage.


Cutting clips together to create a final product. Editing is one of the most important methods to tell a story through video.


Layering elements together in a video for artistic effect.


Projects to promote a company or brand.

Colour Correction

Changing and adjusting the colours, brightness, and contrast of a scene to make it perfect.


Focusing on the play between light and shadows, making the image on screen a work of art.


Creating motion in characters and objects.